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✔  Micro-, blended & social learning

✔  Your Talent- & Skills ID and matcher

✔  Personalised and engaging content

✔  Training reinvented: learn different.


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my UQ Skills

my UQ Skills is your personal Talent-, Motivation- and (digi)Skills ID and Login. It makes career ownership, career mobility and self-development accessible, engaging and fun. It is your smart career guide and match maker.

✔  Intuitive, inclusive, self-service discovery zone and ID
✔  Matches your personal profile for HR, Learning & Coaching
✔  Easy access and skills matching on all connected platforms
✔  On-point employability and digital readiness insights

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Learning Tech

We use, develop and combine best-in-class and award-winning technology to boost the learning engagement well over +75%. And all content is fully personalised - that's a promise.

✔  my UQ Skills ID & matching
UQ Pocket Coach microlearning app
✔  Teach on Mars social learning technology
  Custom skills & jobs platforms


Learning Content

Micro- & blended learning, social learning and community knowledge sharing redefine learning. But the right content and storytelling makes the real difference. Our teams develop, co-create, transform and curate personalised and engaging content.

✔  Micro- & blended learning
✔  Inspiring, signature off-the-shelf & on-demand content
✔  Content (co-)creation with internal teams & experts
✔  Active community management in all client projects
✔  Empowering peer-to-pear and mentorship learning



Our training team, managed by Bert Verdonck, has inspired many companies worldwide to Learn Different. and actually make the difference. With training that is tailored to individual or team needs and optimised for different formats (e.g. blended, micro, etc.) you and your team can become experts in no time and inspire others.

✔  UQ Masterclass, including "How To REALLY Use LinkedIn"
  DigiSkills Academy with the 27 core DigiSkills of the future
  ELPA training to start developing micro learning tracks
  UQ Expert training, applying myUQskills in HR and coaching

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Partners in cutting-edge technology

Technology & content partner

We are proud partners of the best-in-class (ref. Fosway, Gartner), microlearning, social learning, mobile-native technology by Teach on Mars for the BeNeLux, as well as worldwide content partner/creator.

Microsoft technology inside

UQALIFY's platforms tools are (em)powered by the latest Microsoft technology, including integrations with Teams and LinkedIn to maximise adoption by users and communities within organisations.

Custom modular platforms

We also build custom made, modular platforms for HR- Skills- & Job Matching, Learning and Coaching in no time. Adapted to the needs and goals of your organisation. Fast, personalised and on point.

How well do you know yourself?

UQ helps every individual to make the right
career and learning choices based on more
self-knowledge and self-confidence.


Our customers & ambassadors

We and our partners build learning paths, ecosystems and organisations with the highest
engagement possible. We care about the results, but also about making them sustainable
& growing. We leverage human potential for clients with the same vision.


News & updates


To be or not to be (found)? What’s in a name? LinkedIn is here to help!

31 Aug, 2021

What happens when people look you up and don’t find you? Did you ever consider what the cost is of not being found? Are you aware of how many people misspell your name? Do you get frustrated when people can’t or don’t pronounce your name correctly? 🙈

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Your Guide to More Empathy at Work

08 Jul, 2021

Empathy is a crucial skill to have and to hone, both for private use as well as at work. In this rapidly changing world where so much communication happens digitally, empathy is more important than ever. So let's dive in, shall we? What is empathy? Let's start with a simple definition of what empathy actually is: empathy is the ability or the skill to understand another person's personal situation and their feelings. And by seeing someone else’s perspective, it becomes easier to understand why they react the way they do, make certain decisions, or even live their lives in the way that they do.

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Easily creating engaging & fun mobile learning courses

30 Apr, 2021

Mobile learning and micro-learning is on the rise! And why wouldn't it be? Our lives are hectic and often on-the-go. There's a million things to do and trying to cram in an hour of learning every day with your text book or laptop...? That's what the hashtag #thestruggleisreal was invented for, I'm sure. Mobile learning, however, offers a completely different way of learning that suits our busy lives! So... how do you go about creating something like that?

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