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Empower your HR & organization by
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We build your branded platforms for Recruitment, Mobility, Upskilling or Learning in no time and on time. No more vague AI black box but real applied and smart solutions that combine operational AI & machine learning with more than 10 years experience in international HR Natural Language Understanding Technology and the most inclusive Personal Assessment-, Skills- and Job data on the market. We help you accelerate and create a competitive advantage in line with your company culture, human strategy and clear objectives.

Our promise

Our promise

We are your preferred and trusted partner to identify your needs and challenges in HR and Recruitment. We translate them into your intuitive and intelligent digital solution in no time. Our modular 'build and rent' concept is very cost-efficient with no surprises. Your ROI is our mission. We offer full support so you can focus all your extra time on the business purpose and human potential.


Our hybrid technology combines AI & machine learning with more than 10 years of best-in-class contextual natural language understanding and HR content. We offer an HR specialized true semantic analysis and cross-language technology with more than 10 languages that have been augmented by +35 Million data uploads and structured real feedback analysis. 


Automated and intuitive CV- and Job contextual interpretation and matching from text, voice and video. Mobile first and with cross language interpretation, it guarantees a seamless user experience. Our Job- and Skills identification technology can be mapped by classification systems ISCO, ESCO (by the EU), Rome3 and our UQ-DigiSkills intel.


Your UQ is about how well do you know yourself. It is the most inclusive self-assessment and basis for any job-, recruitment- or learning path decision or matching. It combines different modules mapping your core talents, digital skills and motivational drivers, as well as the values / culture and human interaction you prefer in your job.


The personalized HR platforms we build can all be upgraded with the UQALIFY Analytics and Insights Module. It allows you to build custom dashboards with the exact information you need to make the right and objective decisions in personal development plans, internal mobility, strategic workforce planning, learning paths, recruitment etc.

Jobs & Skills Matching Modules

Our Jobs & Skills Matching Modules have been enriched over the years by millions of data transactions and own developments now used by governments and visionary organizations.
✔  Best-in-class technology, always mobile-first and cross languages.
✔  Intuitive input and contextual interpretation of text, voice or video.
✔  Job- and Skills mapping modules based on Esco, Isco, Rome 3 & Digiskills.
✔  Competence- & Job Finder, Skills- & Job Matcher, Automated CV analyzer.

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Jobs & Skills Matching Modules
UQ Personal Assessment Modules

UQ Personal Assessment Modules

Today’s matching is about human potential with a specific vision on upskilling and reskilling in this ever-changing world. UQ is an inclusive personal assessment that maps your personal potential and strengths connected with the skills and jobs of the future.
✔  Intuitive award-winning Talent Finder that reveals your core talents.
✔  Motivation Finder that maps your motivational drivers.
✔  DigiSkills Passport that maps the 27 key skills to be future-ready. 
✔  Employability- and Digital Readiness Scan with analytics and insights.

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Our way of working

We identify and translate your HR and AI use case
We swiftly build a branded, personalized platform
We offer continuous IT & AI support and development
We help you to stay future-ready every step of the way

Our cases

We would love to meet you and share the projects we have done for all kinds of organizations and companies. Our cases are very diverse but always ahead of the game, based on our years of expertise and innovation, the augmented modules we have built and extensive data we have gathered.

VDAB case
Ework Group case
Vlaamse Overheid case
SkillsInZicht case

Our clients

We work for companies and governments, staffing & recruitment firms, job boards, ATS companies and Job-Posting providers. They are very diverse but have one thing in common, they are happy clients with a vision and more time to focus on what really matters!


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