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UQALIFY is about the new way of working and how to recruit, engage, develop and retain human potential in a personalized way. It is our mission to empower organizations and employees and to make them future-ready with confidence. Our modular, customized AI-driven solutions are immediately applicable and intuitive, ready to be used and boost the efficiency and performance of your organization.

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UQALIFY is a joint-venture between Nalantis and UQ.works. Together we are HR innovation leaders combining natural language understanding, machine learning and HR expertise. Our expert- and engineering teams are highly skilled and passionate about what we do but also incredibly efficient and no-nonsense. That is how we build intelligent, personalized, inclusive Job- and Learning platforms for augmented recruitment, personal development and mobility. A la carte, fast, practical and cost-efficient.

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AI, Augmented Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an ensemble of technologies that allows machines to sense, interpret, act and learn in order to extend human capabilities. While our expert teams have fallen deeply in love with language technology and human potential analytics, we think #AI is all about Augmented Intelligence.

AI has been the buzz words for many years, often in a vague context and presented as one black box. We have really specialized over the years to make machine learning operational and applicable, augmented with HR expertise and millions of data entries. Deep learning is a continuous process of feedback and insights. This has created our competitive advantage and unique position in the market.

The future of work

In a world driven by digitalization, our personal and especially professional life is undergoing a radical change. Although many jobs will change and some will even disappear, above all opportunities will be created and so we must prepare for the future that begins today.

In order to prepare and respond to changes and new opportunities, learning in the flow of life, skilling and upskilling is the new normal. As an organization, the engagement and development of your human potential will be top priority. Even when you recruit people, you don't recruit the person as they are, but the development potential that this person has.

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Clear objectives & measurable results

Our highly efficient Engineering and AI team outperforms the competition in terms of speed of execution and years of expertise. With the smart modules we built and a no-nonsense approach we turn your challenges into a ready-to-use personal, branded platform in no time. Our delivery is always on time, our process agile and the delivery of outstanding quality and within budget and planning.

We do not build platforms, we build and rent solutions that accelerate growth, increase performance and always support a measurable ROI. More than anything we are your trusted partner for the long term, that is why we offer budget-friendly all-in renting formulas that take away all the hassle and guarantee a continuous process of improvement.

Skills & Jobs Competence Center

UQALIFY has developed an intelligent interactive mapping of all jobs and skills required today and in the future. We have integrated ISCO, ESCO (EU) and ROME3 standards as well as our own UQ - Digiskills intel but also developed an enriched tagging system that is the basis for our AI engine and HR innovation.

As we work for a wide variety of international organizations, governments, HR- and recruitment companies, we are in the continuous process of screening Jobs and Skills datasets combined with applied cases feedback to grow our intelligence and matching algorithms. This is how you always stay ahead of the game when working with us.

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Your UQ = your self-
knowledge coefficient
IQ   EQ   UQ   LQ
Discover your UQ
IQ, EQ and LQ are widely known, but UQ is the missing link. Self-knowledge and self-confidence are becoming more and more important. In the UQ assessment we gauge the talents, motivation, work values, team roles and (digital) skills of your employees.
After all, knowing what they are good at and what gives them energy forms the basis for the right choices in their personal and professional lives, now and in the future. Sharing these insights at organizational level takes the commitment of your employees and the results of your organization to a higher level.

DigiSkills Passport

In preparation for the future of work, Agoria, together with Roland Berger and a team of +60 experts, researched the impact of digitisation and automation on the labour market. This research resulted in the Be the Change study that forms the basis for the new DigiSkills Passport and the DigiSkills Academy.

These intuitive tools, developed in collaboration with UQ, identify the most relevant competencies of today and 2030. This enables you to map the digital readiness of your employees and draw up their personal development plans. HR Tech is cool, but it will only become a real game changer if you integrate it with years of ground-breaking development, content and AI. That's what we've done: ready to inspire careers, learning paths and the work of coaches, team managers, HR and business leaders.

UQ Personal Assessment Modules

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