25 March 2021

An Expert Trainer and Digital Marketeer Join the UQ.WORKS team

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UQ.works continues to expand its team with the new additions of training expert Bert Verdonck and digital marketing enthusiast Lotte Bongaerts. In joining UQ.works, they are eager to realise UQ’s mission of guiding the learning experience!

Bert Verdonck is one of the world’s leading authorities in LinkedIn training with ample experience in the field of learning and lifehacks, and he has an international bestseller in his name with “How to REALLY use LinkedIn”. Thierry Lescraewaet, UQ.works’ founder and managing partner, is excited: “Talking to Bert is a learning experience in and of itself, because he’s always teaching me new things! He’ll be bringing a new mindset and perspective to the management team, and most importantly: his vast expertise in LinkedIn training & lifehacks will be invaluable to UQ.works’ learning audience.”

About his new role as Content & Training Director, Bert gets straight to the point: “I was ready for a new challenge and what UQ.works is about to achieve… what can I say? It’s an exciting and ambitious goal that is not only right in my wheelhouse, but it’s something I very much believe in. I can’t wait to get started!”

The same can be said of Lotte Bongaerts, who’s joining the team as the Communication & Digital Marketing Manager: “It’s one thing being a digital marketeer running online campaigns for clients, but it’s something else when you’re creating relevant content for a business with a heart. Suddenly your work seems to matter more, because you’re doing it for an important cause. And it’s not just Bert and I, but everyone at UQ.works is ready to make it all happen and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

The latter is something that Thierry confirms. “The team we have in place now, especially with Bert & Lotte both joining, is going to be our core team to build UQ.works into Europe’s preferred partner for learning in a different way. That’s the dream at least, and our team tends to dream big”, he says with a smile.

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