10 October 2018

UQ at Executive Day

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the challenges of the 21st Century


"What kind of leaders do we need to cope with the challenges of the 21st century?", that was exactly what we wanted to find out at the Executive Day in Brasschaat on the 20th of September. 

Mission accomplished! It turned out to be a day full of inspiration for our colleagues Marjolijne GyurikThierry Lescrauwaet, and the other 200 executives from Belgium and The Netherlands.

Executive Day Kevin Mottard

The energetic launch of the day by Kevin Mottard was followed by a variety of workshops and breakout sessions by Arvid Buit , Anette Bohm (HR-director KBC), Ingrid Dierckx (HR-director Janssen Pharmaceuticals), Nicoline Spruijt (Brandhome), Shane McLeod (Hokeycoach), Paul van den Bosch (cycling coach), Bart Verhaeghe (entrepreneur and Vice-President of the Belgian Football Association), and a perfect closing of the day by pump up the company.

UQ was asked to organize a workshop about "Colourful 21st Century Leadership". Professor Luc Van Renterghem explained how our brains intuitively react to images and colors and how, through these reactions, people can discover their talents and develop their strengths.

Executive Day Workshop Luc van RenterghemExecutive Day Workshop Luc van Renterghem

The Alpha Wolf as a leader

During Arvid Buit's workshop, he stated that the Alpha Wolf is the perfect type of leader in times of crisis, growth or change. This aroused our curiosity and made us look a bit further into this matter. We found out that Arvid’s background as a lighting designer in the theater helped him to learn and finetune how to hold the interest of people, how to bring your story and how to influence your audience. Which he succeeded in, as we got very inspired by his speech! 

Executive Day Arvid Buit

He mainly coaches the upper layer of companies, such as presidents and CEO's and is specialized in executive coaching and leadership personalities, specifically within the focus area of the narcissistic spectrum.  As Arvid puts it, these kind of leaders have a number of fantastic features that cause other people to find them inspiring as a leader. They often like to work with and for them. On the other hand, they can be very dominant. Buit states that the Alpha Wolf leader should be aware of his own style and 'polish' this style a bit. 

Executive Day


Another topic that caught our attention were millennials. This new workforce has different expectations than the older generations. They expect continuous feedback, a good work-life balance and appreciation. This poses a challenge for leaders that aren't used to this type of workforce. If you want to know more about the millennials on the workfloor, you can read all about it on our blog

Kasteel van BrasschaatWe'd like to thank Alex van Groningen for the smooth organization. We are looking forward to the next edition.

If you want to read more about the event, check out this article (in dutch) by Dirk-Jan Zom.

Watch this interview (in Dutch) with Arvid Buit by Quality Bookings TV if you want to find out more about Talented Narcissism.

All images © Alex van Groningen and UQ7

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