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Custom content co-creation

By combining inspiration and personalised content with modular microlearning technology, the instant impact on your company and the lives of your employees will be noticeably positive. Add an inspiring internal communication and a connected employee community and you are a learning leader in no time.

Our learning team is your dedicated partner in your organisation's learning community- and content creation, ensuring long term results.

✔  Over 20 years of experience in creative digital learning
 Co-creation of inspirational tailor-made microlearning tracks 
✔  Assistance with your training, learning and content strategy
✔  Mobile-native off-the-shelf content adapted to your needs
✔  Cost-efficient co-creation of multimedia content

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Off-the-shelf learning content

We offer off-the-shelf microlearning & community content modules that have been well-developed and completely refined. Are you ready to start with a personalised approach for all your team members?

✔  DigiSkills Academy modules addressing the 27 core DigiSkills
 UQ Masterclass modules on "How To REALLY Use LinkedIn" 
  UQ Masterclass modules "Social Media Plan", "Life Hacks & Time Squeezers"
✔  UQ Masterclass modules on Communication, Presentation and Leadership skills
✔  Inspiring community content for each subject with your branded templates

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Community content management

The core of a successful learning is building a learning organisation with the right content, but also the right ambassadors and influencers. In every customer relationship, we offer a Community Manager who calls in every two weeks to guide your community building & content.

✔  Our community manager works to understand your company culture
 We offer up-to-date content so your community can quickly get started
✔  We help build a community architecture with co-creators from all divisions
✔  We set you up with a mentorship and peer-to-peer network
✔  Inspiring community content for each subject with your branded templates

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What is microlearning & blended learning?

Microlearning is "learning on the go" at times when it suits learners' busy schedules. Making learning fun, personalised and engaging increases retention and inspires a community. Mixed with blended learning - a combination of individual learning and live classes - microlearning can increase employee engagement, performance and overall wellbeing at work!

When you successfully integrate microlearning and social learning into your talent development program, you empower employees intuitively. Their individual successes translate into innovation and growth for your company.

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Boost engagement

By making learning more accessible, microlearning incombination with social learning can boost long-term engagement and personal wellbeing & success in no time.

High retention

Traditional learning has an average retention rate of 15%, microlearning combined with social learning and a community has a retention rate of 70-90%.


The transfer of learning is more efficient with microlearning, even more so thanks to gamificiation and repetition, which is integrated in the ELPA model.

Full focus

Employees work for about 11 minutes before being distracted. Why try to learn longer? Make sure they can learn where, when and how they want it.

Why microlearning?

Microlearning offers many benefits to your employees. They can check out a lesson when it fits into their schedule and spend 10 minutes or less engaged in an activity that focuses their learning on a new skill or new information that will allow them to be even more successful in their current role, or advance into a new one.

When you successfully integrate microlearning opportunities into your talent development program, you empower employees. Their individual successes translate into innovation and growth for your company. 

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Introducing the ELPA model

How do you go about creating digital content suitable for mobile learning? The creation of digital content should always be
based on specific needs and pedagogy. That's why we at UQALIFY use the ELPA model as a pedagogic strategy
when creating our mobile content.

The model is based on four phases: Engage, Learn, Practice and Apply. During the first two phases (“EL”),
you offer your learners highly entertaining positioning activities to capture their attention and encourage their engagement.
In the last two phases (“PA”), you use memorisation and association games to put knowledge into practice,
and create exercises that allow learners to apply their skills in the field. 

This methodology can be perfectly integrated and combined with physical training to become blended learning tracks.


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