Life Hacks & Time Squeezers

Lifehacks & Time Squeezers

Location: Live or online

Languages: NL, EN, FR

Format: Interactive training

Profile: Any professional (2-5 years experience)

Number of participants: Ideally 6, max. 10

Are you also frustrated about the amount of time you are wasting, maybe even daily? What would you do if you would have 1 hour extra? Yes, how about 1 hour extra every (working) day? What would you do with it? Are you ready to take action and make it happen? Even if that means you have to deal with procrastination? Sure, the struggle is real for all of us! But if you want to save time and still do more, then this programme is for you (and your colleagues)!

Why are most professionals doing the things the way they are doing? Because they either learned it from a senior colleague or in school. In some cases, people took a bit of time to find out some basic stuff, but they often never get around to discovering the true levels of efficiency or effectiveness.

How much do you really know about MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint? Did you know that there's more than 200 shortcuts that could help you save time & boost productivity? This course will take you way beyond the traditional "Ctrl + C and V". πŸ˜‰

This masterclass will improve your efficiency and boost your overall productivity, because you will

βœ”  Reduce your workload while still achieving the same results,
βœ”  Achieve a lot more with far less effort,
βœ”  Master the magic of technology in order to actually work less hours,
βœ”  And get your life back!

We'll be covering a wide rang of technologies and tools, paid and freemium, to help you save time on a daily basis.


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For every participant to understand where they are "losing" valuable time every day.
For each participant to get pragmatic solutions for everyday frustrations.
For each participant to boost their efficiency and effectiveness.
For each participant to kickstart a number of (small) actions that break their current pattern and that lead to more satisfaction at work (and at home).
For each participant to build a daily routine that results in consistent time gains and/or budget benefits.


Every participant needs a Laptop/pc and a stable internet connection. Every participant needs to be able to install new apps/programmes on their device (if not, ask for our Zero Setup Lifehacking Programme!).


Offline: 3 to 10 live workshops - half day per session & 3 x 60 minutes Q&A + "Updates" webinar

Online: 3 to 10 online workshops - 120 minutes per session & 3 x 60 minutes Q&A + "Updates" webinar


Get started with the Action plana time management checklist and all other additional supporting documents. Have access to one of our lifehacking experts for questions, more info,…


βœ”  Why lifehacking and why is it important?
βœ”  What would you do with 1 hour (or 2) extra each day?
βœ”  Organise yourself (better)
βœ”  How to create a ZERO inbox?
βœ”  How to write up to 100 emails/hour?
βœ”  How to plan better?
βœ”  How to keep your focus longer?
βœ”  How to collaborate better online?
βœ”  Save time with shortcuts for MX Office
βœ”  Time saving tools
βœ”  Budget saving tools (free or freemium)
βœ”  How to adapt your daily lifehacking routine?
βœ”  Tools that will change your (professional) life forever
βœ”  Q&A + Next steps


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