Social Media

Social Media

Location: Live or online

Languages: NL, EN, FR

Format: Interactive training

Profile: Professionals in marketing or social media

Number of participants: Ideally 6, max. 10

Did you know that 90% of brands want to build brand awareness through social media? And that 77% of them use it to maintain brand reputation, while 71% of them use it for building and managing an engaged community? Or course, organisations are using social media today, but they're using it mostly organically rather than on a strategic level. There's rarely a systematic approach or company-wide support. Are you ready for this next level? Then this programme is for you (and your colleagues)!

Why are social media, your brand and targeted content a natural fit and how can you give your company that much needed brand boost in the current economic climate? How do you define the right goals and KPIs for your social media? What are the best strategies that will work for you? And which social media channels fit into that picture? How to get started on a content plan? And could you use some additional inspiration and creativity to knock the ball out of the park?

Time to tackle your social media aspirations with this comprehensive blended masterclass! We start with the basics and gradually take a deep dive into the more advanced solutions for setting up and rolling out a bespoke & strategic social media plan. Based on live examples, you will apply the methods and insights you have learned, so you can discover the full possibilities from different perspectives, including a tangible content creation and publication plan. Ready to get started?

This masterclass will strengthen your branding, networking and social media activities because you will

  Set tangible, realistic goals and KPIs for your social media activities,
  Boost your brand, start more conversations and extend your reach,
  Provide the right content for the right target audience(s),
  Acquire more insights in social media marketing and best practices!

Free LinkedIn tools, LinkedIn Advertising and other LinkedIn premium solutions are also covered. In addition to practical, live examples and customised exercises, you will also gain insights into best practices and you'll be given a number of handy templates to use afterwards!


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For every participant to understand the importance of creating a strategic social media approach.
For each participant to set soft and hard KPIs regarding social media.
For each participant to boost their branding and social media activities. 
For each participant to develop a content creation plan.
For each participant to build a daily social media routine that brings consistent results.


Every participant needs a Laptop/pc and a stable internet connection. Every participant needs to be able to install new apps/programmes on their device (if not, ask for our Zero Setup Lifehacking Programme!).


Offline: 3 to 10 live workshops - half day per session & 3 x 60 minutes Q&A + "Updates" webinar

Online: 3 to 10 online workshops - 120 minutes per session & 3 x 60 minutes Q&A + "Updates" webinar


Get started with the Action plancontent checklists, content plans and templates and all other additional supporting documents. Have access to one of the global LinkedIn experts for questions, more info…


  Why social media?
  Fundamental principles of (offline) networking
  General goalsetting & KPIs (hard & soft)
  Content prerequisites
  Who is your target audience?
  How to develop digital personas?
  Which social media platforms to focus on?
  Why do you need a content plan?
  How to create a ready-to-go content plan?
  Inspire vs. Educate vs. Entertain
  Manual vs. automated approach
  Additional supporting platforms & tools
  How to expand your reach?
  How to facilitate with a capital 'F'?
  Rules of engagement, privacy and escalation procedures
  Do's & Don'ts
  Q&A + Next steps


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