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In-depth training for you & your team, headed up by worldwide training expert Bert Verdonck

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Training inspired by Bert Verdonck

The UQ Masterclass and DigiSkills Academy offers top-of-the-line training programmes by our team of certified trainers & international experts. We cover a wide range of subjects for all audiences, in a variety of formats, such as live-, blended- and microlearning.

Bert Verdonck is our Training Director and internationally acclaimed LinkedIn expert, social media trainer and lifehacker. In 2010, he became one of the first officially certified LinkedIn trainers and his bestseller “How to REALLY use LinkedIn” (HTRUL) is but one of his 9 published books, covering social media, life hacks and leadership. His expertise guarantees that all training programmes are best-in-class with tremendous learnings for you and your team.

UQ Masterclass

The Original

Learn how to REALLY use LinkedIn. Build a professional profile for yourself and become a proper brand ambassador for your organisation. Discover some of the basic functionalities that you have never seen before. Get up to speed with your LinkedIn and taste the sweetness of success.

For Sales Teams

Do you want to learn how to quickly find prospects, build and maintain a strong relationship with them and get more sales appointments? Book this training & boost your social selling skills!

For Recruiters

Are you looking for more candidates or find the ideal ones that other recruiters can't find? Do you need a couple of extra ways to attract the right kind of future employees? Or do you simply want to increase your employer branding, become an even better recruiter or upskill your team? Check out this programme!

For Marketeers

Are you wondering how to make the most of your company page and increase likes and social shares? Would you like to use LinkedIn as a channel to share content and become an industry leader? This course brings you all that and more!

Ambassador Programme

You've become a LinkedIn expert: great! Now what? How do you go about sharing your knowledge within your business or to others? How to roll out a uniform strategy across departments and make sure everyone is getting the most out of their LinkedIn profile? With easy tools & tips, we've got you covered.

Social Media

Not sure how to get your social media started? Wondering which channel to hit and what the best content is to get shares and start meaningful conversations? In this course, you will cover social media from A to Z and build your social media plan in no time. Time to become an expert!

Employer Branding

Using online channels to carry out your corporate brand to attract the right candidates to your business is almost like an art form. And like art, it can be mastered! Take part in this training and learn all about how to build your employer brand in a way that works for your organisation. Expect results.

Train the Trainer

Looking to create your own coaches in-house to ensure proper knowledge transfer? Interested in becoming a trainer to diversify your offering? Learn how to become a trainer who delivers impactful courses that attendees are raving about!

Life Hacks & Time Squeezers

Time has become one of our most precious commodities. So how can you make life easier and save time on a daily basis? This training gives you insightful tips & tricks to manage your time more efficiently and become someone who thinks outside the box.

Personal Skills

Work to improve your personal skills like resilience, project management, empathy and more. These skills will not just boost your professional life, but your personal one as well!

Personal Digital Skills

In today's day & age, it's imperative you know your way around digital devices, how they work and what the risk may be. Upskill yourself & feel more at ease in this digital world.

Professional Digital Skills

Working well together with your digital colleagues has become more important than ever. Fill in the gaps in your professional skillset and change the course of your career!